Tuesday, July 15, 2008

purple rain, 7.15.2008

Aside from calling a certain someone dirty-names-having-to-do-with-farm-animals, there are other things to talk about around the NFL in mid-July.

For one, ESPN decided what Purple nation has known for some time now—that the Vikings will field the best defensive line in football.

That line may have the chance to destroy a fragile Peyton Manning (fragile?!  yep.) in week 2, when he might return to action after off-season surgery.  Who woulda thunk it that we might have a quarterbacking advantage in our home opener?

Before that, however, the Vikings will make a cross-border trip for a Monday Night out with the Cheese Inspectors.  There's drama in the backfield over there, and it's not about the guy you'd expect.  Do expect the Williamses (all three of them, now!) to be on their best behaviour around the neighbours, even so.

That was a stirring video, was it not?  

Well, that should be enough hopeful news for one summer morning.  Now, we only have to wait ten days until training camp begins....


Sean said...
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Sean said...

I was checking out your Vikings blogs and thought you and your readers might be interested to know that Vikings center Matt Birk has his own blog.

Here are links to his profile and his first ever blog post…it’s hysterical!:


Admiral BigGun said...

Thought I would share...

New Vikings training Camp photos.


Keep Up the great work, see you next week

BIGGUN @ VikingsValhalla.com