Sunday, July 6, 2008

Farve to the Vikings?

So, the rumour mill has started grinding on this gem: Brett Favre, out of sheer reflex, feels that he should be playing football in July; the Packers are trying to get on with their lives—with Aaron Rodgers at QB—and so don't want him around; upon release (but certainly not trade), he signs with his rival of almost two decades, the Minnesota Vikings.  How's that?  


Ahem.  That ain't gonna happen.  You see, our coach, Brad Childress has gotten this crazy idea in his head that Tarvaris Jackson, whom he drafted in the second round in 2006, will be the Vikings' quarterback of the future.  Tarvaris Jackson, who couldn't beat out now-receiver Matt Jones to start at quarterback for Arkansas, whose career passer rating of 69.0 wows nobody—Tarvaris Jackson, he of the jump pass—Brad Childress believes in this man.

And he's right to believe.

I would rather have Tarvaris Jackson starting at quarterback for the 2008 Minnesota Vikings than Brett Favre. 

The locker room of our beloved Purple believes in Tarvaris Jackson's ability to win games for them.  He's won eight of his first fourteen.  He posted a 139.2 rating against the New York Giants pass-defense—the very same that rattled Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.  His 2007 passer rating is within a standard-deviation of that of draft-classmates Jay Cutler and Vince Young, which, one could argue, means that they played at a similar level.  And he managed this feat with a receiving corps whose speed-threat was Troy Williamson, not Plaxico Burress or Brandon Marshall.  Tarvaris Jackson has a future with the Minnesota Vikings ahead of him.

Meanwhile, Brett Favre threw the overtime interception that cost the Green Bay Packers a win on their own frozen turf, in January, for the NFC Championship.  Brett Favre, whose playoff performance over the last decade clocks in at 3-10, has not played like the force of nature that he's made out to be.  He's 38 and getting older.  He's never completed a pass for any team other than Green Bay.

And some of us here in Purple nation even think of him as the Wicked Witch of the East.  

Brett Farve will never, ever be a Viking.  You see, John David Booty already has his number 4 jersey.


Jason said...

He'll join the Vikings when International Falls heats up.

(High of 63 today, BTW.)

Viking Vixen said...

I love your blog virginia viking - you make me laugh! I agree the Vikes won't be in the running to secure Brett Favre next season...besides the fact that Booty already has the number four jersey - Favre isn't real crazy about playing at the Dome - I think it spooks him a little.