Monday, May 26, 2008

monday afternoon quarterback

Uh-oh.  Peter King over at Sports Illustrated likes the Vikings this year.  Scarier still, he's confident in Tarvaris Jackson.  Does anyone else remember 2005, when he picked the Vikes to go to the Superbowl?  Everything went wrong that year: the atrocious start, the boat scandal, Culpepper tearing up his knee: terrible year.

King made that pick the summer after Mike Tice's last draft, the draft where we got Troy Williamson and Erasmus James in the first round.  The last member of that draft still on the team, Marcus Johnson, lost his job at right tackle to Ryan Cook.  

Anyhow, this article may have been the first sign of respect to Jackson that the mainstream media has ever really shown.  This is heartening.  Let the record show, however, that Gonzo, over at the Daily Norseman, has been giving Tarvaris Jackson some much-needed good print for a while now.  

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