Saturday, April 26, 2008

"to verb the adjective noun!"

Today is draft day.  It's not the draft for Iraq (within the year, I will happily lose a $55 bet from 2004 about such a thing), thankfully, but for the NFL.  Because the Vikings only have one pick today, I will be babbling about other things, by and large.

There are several sports-related sites out there that have assigned someone to "blog the draft."  All over the interweb, people are blogging the draft.  It's such a strange turn of phrase, really.  Say you were from 1997 or so (wouldn't that be strange) and didn't know what a weblog was.  I wonder what you would think when someone told you he was going "to blog the draft."  

The noun-ness of the word "blog" is pretty great, eh?  The word "blog," aside from being a weblog of something — a 'blog — suggests a booger or a hairball or some other byproduct of one orifice or another.  My friend's blog runs the subtitle, "i think i ate a blog once."    Incidentally, on said blog, she shares with us recipes for gluten-free pad thai.

The verb-ness of the word "blog" might be even more scrumptious.  "Weblog" doesn't translate well into a verb in the same way that it is already a noun.  As a transitive verb, well, it sucks. "Todd McShay will weblog the draft," for example, just doesn't sell ESPN Insider subscriptions in the same way that, "Todd McShay: Blogging the draft," does.  Somehow, "to blog" has a certain, well, umph.

A couple of years ago, I was in a coffee shop with a buddy of mine.  There was a girl that he really liked, and he was chatting her up in a by-and-large mundane sort of way.  She lit up, however, when she mentioned her blog.  She'd recently started blogging.  Dutifully, my friend perked up and said — completely unwittingly — "I'll blog your blog!"  The awkward silence that followed was priceless.  

So, without having blogged anything of consequence, your dutiful narrator will sign out for now.

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